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3/7 χθες … 11 σήμερα


The Hawks dropped to 3-13 including 1/3 at home, when entering the fourth with a deficit….

both btb, lac 3rd in 4 days … η λογική λέει Hawks διψήφια … Atl -9,5 /2u


including their playoff series with the Celtics, the Bulls have won 7 of their last 8 OT games. …The Sixers are only 7-16 at home. … Dalembert has 8 double-doubles over the last 14 games. …The Sixers are 9-13 in games in which Allen Iverson plays this season.

chi btb …iverson = out … πολύ με στεναχώρησαν οι Bulls χθες και για τιμωρία θα τους πάω κόντρα … φυσικά με ελάχιστες ελπίδες … Φιλαδέλφεια 1 unit


The Nets have lost 14 of 15 overall. ….New Jersey is 1-23 on the road …Toronto has won 11 of 12 at home. …..The Raptors are 15-0 when holding opponents to 100 points or fewer

both 3rd in 4 days and btb … με άμυνα σαν την χθεσινή οι Rpators θα προτιμήσω το μεγάλο handicap υπέρ των Νετς … NJN +10,5 /1u … θα βάλω και 2ο units αν δεν παίξει ο Turkoglou


Season Series: WAS 1-0 …1/30 – NYK 96 @ WAS 106

Νομίζω οι Knicks έχουν βάλει στο μάτι τον John Wall μιά και βλέπουν οτι ο Lebron δύσκολα θα έρθει … .Was +5 /1u … και εδώ θα έβαζα 2 u αν δεν παίξει ο Al Harrington που είδαμε στη Μινεσότα το πόσο λείπει από την.ομάδα @@@ ατυχές το σχόλιο μου καθώς ως γνωστόν το pick της Νέας Υόρκης θα πάει στην Utah (unprotected!!)


The Heat improved to 15-0 when holding its opponents under 90 points….The Heat are 2-20 when they are not leading at halftime, ….The Celtics have won 10 of their last 11 vs. the Heat.

bos 3rd in 4 days, mia 4th in 6 days and 1st of btb (tomorrow at cle 🙂 ) …Season Series: BOS 2-0 …11/29 – BOS 92 @ MIA 85 …1/6 – BOS 112 @ MIA 106 … ο Pierce τελικά δεν έχει κάταγμα και θεωρείται day-to-day … λογικά δεν θα παίξει σήμερα … και από καραστάνταρ την Βοστώνη θα βάλω υπέρ της μόνο 1 unit


The Thunder remain one of only three Western Conference team with a winning record on the road. Oklahoma City is now 12-11 away from home. … Durant has 22 straight games of at least 25 points …Kevin Durant has scored 30-plus points in 19 of his last 22 games. …The Hornets fell to 5-5 without Paul…. Darren Collison had 14 assists for the Hornets, giving him 32 assists in the last two games as he replaces Chris Paul….The Hornets have won 10 straight against the Thunder franchise.

okc 3rd in 4 days and btb, noh 4th in 6 days …τα όμορφα σερί όμορφα χαλάνε …OKC win /2u …με 2 rookie στα βασικά guard η Νέα Ορλεάνη πάει για ένα καλό πλασάρισμα για την λοταρία


The Warriors dropped to 3-28 when they’re outscored in the third quarter

gsw 3rd in 4 dasy and btb …Season Series: GSW 1-0 … 11/24 – GSW 111 @ DAL 103 …δεν παλεύονται οι warriors … φυσικά έχω δείξει από πέρυσι οτι είμαι ο πιο ένθερμος υποστηρικτής τους … και σήμερα αναμονή …και 1 unit Γκόλντε Στέιτ , έτσι για να δω τα μούτρα του Nowitzki


Phoenix has won two in a row on the road after losing 12 of 13 ….The Suns have won three straight after losing seven of nine …Denver is 21-8 against teams at .500 or better ….the Nuggets won for the 10th time in their last 11 games…..The Nuggets are 26-2 when leading after three quarters…..The Nuggets won their 9th straight home game and improved to 22-3 at home this season……Denver has won 32 of its last 35 home games dating back to last season…..The Nuggets are 21-0 when holding opponents under 90 points

both 3rd in 4 days …eason Series: DEN 1-0 …12/12 – PHX 99 @ DEN 105 …Den -7 /2u … πάλι probable o Melo , ας ελπίσουμε αυτή τη φορά όντως να παίξει … (το ίδιο και για τον Billups – probable) … θέλω να πιστεύω οτι η έδρα εδώ , δεν χωράει αμφισβήτηση


The Spurs won for the 7th straight time and 22 of their last 27 times against the Kings. …The Kings have lost seven of their past 10 home games

sac 4th in 6 days, sas 1st of btb …Season Series: SAS 2-0 …10/31 – SAC 94 @ SAS 113 …12/9 – SAC 106 @ SAS 118 … είναι πολύ σημαντικό να κερδίσουν οι Spurs … το hc όμως δεν μου αρέσει (ανεβαίνει μάλιστα) καθώς ο Parker είναι εκτός , και ο Tyreke Evans επιστρέφει λένε


.Jackson has scored in double figures in all 38 games since joining Charlotte as part of a trade with Golden State, including 13 of 20 points or more …The franchise record for consecutive double-digit scoring games is 39 held by Wallace. …Lakers have lost six of seven to Charlotte over the past four seasons…….The Lakers are 29-2 when scoring 100-plus…..The Lakers are an NBA-best 23-3 at home this season.

lakers 3rd in 4 days … CHA +9,5 /2u …ούτε που την θυμόμουνα τέτοια παράδοση των Bobcats … ελπίζω να μην είναι λάθος το στατιστικό 🙂


Portland has won 44 straight games when holding an opponent to 90 or fewer points …Jazz have won 10 of 11 ….Since Andrei Kirilenko re-entered Utah’s starting lineup, the Jazz are 9-1…..The Jazz improved to 64-6 since the start of last season when leading after the third quarter.

por 1st of btb …Season Series: UTA 2-0 …κυνήγησα γκέλα της utah στο προηγούμενο με το Dallas , δεν μαθαίνω και λέω να κάνω το ίδιο με Portland … με πάρα πολύ ρίσκο Πόρτλαντ 1 unit



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