Nike Ad’s Loaded Image Hits Raw Spot for the N.B.A. –

Nike Ad’s Loaded Image Hits Raw Spot for the N.B.A. –

Το άκρον άωτον της υποκρισίας και πάλι στο NBA … αφορμή η τελευταία διαφήμιση της Nike με τον Kobe  , όπου η λεζάντα στο κάτω μέρος γράφει : “I don’t leave anything in the chamber.”

Η έμμεση αναφορά στην θαλάμη του όπλου (chamber) θεωρήθηκε πλέον ατυχής από τον Stern και το NBA στον βαθμό που ο Kobe αναγκάστηκε να απολογηθεί,  λέγοντας οτι η διαφήμιση γυρίστηκε εδώ και αρκετούς μήνες – πολύ πριν το σκάνδαλο Arenas , Crittenton και τα πιστόλια στα αποδυτήρια.

Παραθέτω ορισμένα σχόλια από το αντίστοιχο άρθρο στο ESPN που θέτουν το πρόβλημα στις σωστές του διαστάσεις :

memfisblues (1/30/2010 at 3:18 PM)

In order to better reflect the sensitivities of today’s culture, the NBA has announced that all turns of phrase which in the past used the language of firearms to describe basketball activity, will henceforth be changed to reference water pistols. To begin with, “shooting” the ball will now be called “squirting” the ball. In this spirit, sportscasters will also be asked to use new terminology. For example, instead of bellowing “Boom!” when someone makes a particularly impressive 3-point shot, announcers should now exclaim, “Splash!” Instead of proclaiming that a team is “shooting out the lights”, they are now “squirting all over the place.” Instead of a “run n’ gun offense”, some teams will now play a style that will be known as “splash n’ dash.”

If you have any questions, please contact the commissioner’s office for further guidance.

mystic-x (1/30/2010 at 3:25 PM)

Breaking News! Andrei Kirilenko, and every player using jersey number 22, 38, or 45, have been given a lifetime ban by Commissioner Stern, effective immediately. More on this story as it develops.

memfisblues (1/30/2010 at 1:53 PM)

There goes Kobe, shooting his mouth off… um, what I meant to say is, Kobe should have known better than to use such a loaded term… err, no, let me rephrase that… If Kobe wants to promote Nike, maybe he should stick to the talking points on this bulleted list… no, I didn’t mean that, sorry… If Kobe is gunning to be a national spokesman… aah, pardon, from the top… Kobe really needs to watch what he says, or else he’ll give his critics ammunition — oh boy, let me rephrase that… If Kobe doesn’t watch his language, he’s gonna put himself in the commissioner’s sights… err… um… [trails off, mumbling to himself]

2toxic4u (1/30/2010 at 2:44 PM)

oh my … they might take this issue to a judges CHAMBER to solve this controversy … did i just say this outloud?????

genojuice (1/30/2010 at 4:26 PM)

The NBA has sent a memo to all players, coaches and media. From this day forward the following cliches are no longer permitted to be used to describe NBA players, action on the court or anything associated with the game of basketball:

1. The 76ers played LeBron tough tonight but they were still bringing a knife to a gun fight.
2. Signing Ron Artest is like playing Russian Roulette- eventually he’s going to go off.
3. Kobe murdered the Knicks, scoring 23 in the first quarter and 58 for the game.
4 Iverson knifes his way to the basket.
5. Hack-a-Shaq.
6. The Mavs put a beatdown on the Suns.
7. Ray Allen had a great shooting night. All of his shots were on target.
8. The players have lost respect for their coach and they are now throwing him under the bus.
9. Wade single handedly beat Corey Brewer like a rented mule.
10. The refs killed us out there tonight


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