The Swedish Dentist

2/3 χθες … 12 σήμερα


Cleveland has won 6 straight overall and 16 of its last 19 games … Cleveland is 27-1 this season when scoring 100 or more points …The Pacers fell to 2-14 in their last 16 games vs. the Cavaliers.

o Danny Granger είναι All Star? … Ind +6,5 /2u


The Lakers are 6-9 when scoring less than 100

lakers 3rd in 4 days and 6th in 9 … AI από τα παλιά? … οποιοσδήποτε κι απ’τους δύο …Phi +6,5 /2u


The 2010 playoffs could prove difficult for the Celtics, who have posted a 2-5 record against the East’s top teams this season.

Team W-L Margin
Cavaliers 1-0 +6.0
Hawks 0-3 -8.3
Magic 1-2 +0.6  …….The Hawks dropped to 3-11 including 1/3 at home, when entering the fourth with a deficit. …the Hawks have won all 3 meetings with the Celtics. Entering this season, Atlanta had lost seven straight to the Celtics.

bos btb, atl 1st of btb (at orlando tomorrow) … πώς το χασε χθες η βοστώνη … αλλά κουράζονται τα παληκάρια ωρε? …Season Series: ATL 3-0 !!! …Bos +4 /2u


The Heat are 2-18 when they are not leading at halftime,

mia 1st of btb (tomorrow at milwaukee)… πτώση των Heat δεν σημαίνει απαραίτητα και άνοδος των pistons… ή όχι …Ντιτρόιτ 1 unit


The Timberwolves have lost 13 of their last 16 games

min 3rd in 4 days and lac 4th in 6 … δεν θέλω διακρίσεις … αφού δώσαν οι clippers μία νίκη στους πάτους της ανατολής nets … οφείλουν να κάνουν το ίδιο και στην δύση …ίσως αρχίσουν να τους μπάινουν ιδέες για τον joh wall κιόλας … Season Series: LAC 3-0 ! …. Min +1,5 /1u


The Wizards fell to 1-11 when committing more turnovers on the road

was 1st of btb … wizards στα χνάρια των clippers? …Νετς 1 unit


Chicago has won 8 of 10 …..including their playoff series with the Celtics, the Bulls have won 6 of their last 7 OT games. …The Hornets have won 11 straight home overtime games

noh 1st of btb (tomorrow at southwest rival memphis) … θα συνεχίσουν να μας τρελαίνουν οι bulls? … θέλω να πάει παράταση αυτό …Σικάγο 2 units


Denver with 8th straigth win and 10th in 11 games …The Nuggets are 25-2 when leading after three quarters …The Nuggets are 20-0 when holding opponents under 90 points…The Thunder fell to 0-5 vs. the Nuggets since moving to Oklahoma City….Durant has 19 straight games of at least 25 points

duran duran …(t) … όχι ως φαβορί όμως … πλιζ …Οκλαχώμα 2 units


Portland has won 43 straight games when holding an opponent to 90 or fewer points

por 1st of btb (tomorrow at Dallas) … batum ! … Season Series: POR 2-1 …10/27 – HOU 87 @ POR 96 … 10/31 – POR 107 @ HOU 111 … 12/5 – HOU 89 @ POR 90 …Πόρτλαντ 1 unit


Memphis has won 15 of 19 overall

mem 1st of btb … αφήστε και ένα ματς ρε grizzlies …α δεν παίζει ο πάρκερ … Σπέρς 1 unit


The Kings fell to 3-19 on the road this season; they are 13-9 at home …Jazz have won 8 of 9 … The Jazz are averaging 111.7 points in their last nine games ….Since Andrei Kirilenko re-entered Utah’s starting lineup, the Jazz are 7-1…..The Jazz improved to 62-6 since the start of last season when leading after the third quarter.

sac 1st of btb (tomorrow vs Cha) …. Δεν θα υπήρχε ισχυρότερο στάνταρ φέτος … αν δεν ξέραμε όμως ότι δεν θα αγωνιστούν deron & boozer … παρόλαυτα …Season Series: SAC 1-0 … 11/7 – SAC 104 @ UTA 99 …. Τζαζ 2 units


Jackson has scored in double figures in all 35 games since joining Charlotte as part of a trade with Golden State, including 11 of 20 points or more

gsw 3rd in 4 days, Cha 1st of btb (tomorrow at Sacto) … τα φαντάσματα των εκτός έδρας αγώνων δύσκολα φεύγουν για bobcats … …GSW +2,5 /1u



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