Afro Samurai

1,5/2 χθες … 12 σήμερα …προσοχή τα ματς ξεκινάνε νωρίς (20:00 ώρα Ελλάδος)


nyk 4th in 6 days

πριν 2 ημέρες κέρδισαν οι πίστονς εντός, μετά από ένα εντυπωσιακό comeback των knicks…έτσι για πλάκα πάμε με πίστονς 1 μόνο unit … εκτός αν μας δώσουν +30 🙂


Portland is 20-2 when leading after three quarters

was 3rd in 4 days…πήρε μπρος ο caron butler … ο roy είναι questionable … τώρα που ξεθαρρέψαμε Γουάσινγκτον 2 units , γιατί όχι;


Atlanta has won 5 of its last six…Atlanta improved to 15-2 at home, 23-4 overall, when entering the fourth quarter with a lead.

okc 3rd in 4 days…ωραία μονομαχία , ανάμεσα σε 2 πολύ συμπαθείς ομάδες … λίγο η κούραση των thunder με προβληματίζει … αλλά θα πάω μαζί τους …. Οκλαχώμα 2 units


Sacramento has lost eight of its last nine games. …Charlotte improved to 16-4 at home this season but is just 3-15 on the road.

both 3rd in 4 days …εδώ κερδίζει πολύ καλύτερες ομάδες εντός και μάλιστα εύκολα η Σαρλότ … στους Κινγκς θα κολλήσει? … Μπομπκατς 2 units


Milwaukee is 11-1 when Bogut scores at least 17 points. …Houston has lost five of its last seven overall

mil 3rd in 4 and 4th in 6 days …bucks, heat & rockets είναι οι ομάδες που έχω παίξει λιγότερο ΥΠΕΡ, συνολικά μόνο 5 φορές !!! και οι 4 με τους rockets …. έτσι και σήμερα πάω με Χιούστον μόνο 1 unit καθώς θα ήθελα μόνο -5


The Nets have lost 7 in a row and 17 of their last 18 overall……New Jersey is 1-19 on the road….The Nets are 0-15 against the Western Conference this season.

lac 3rd in 4 days and 5th in 7…… χωρίς ελπίδα Νετς 1 unit μήπως και ….


Minnesota has given up at least 100 points in the past 10 games

Παίξει δεν παίξει ο Iverson οι Sixers προσπαθούν … εκτός αν αποφασίσουν να διαλύσουν την ομάδα όπως φημολογείται …. Phi -1,5 /2u


Chris Paul led the Hornets with 11 assists. He has 99 assists (14.1 APG) in his last 7 games……The Hornets have won 13 of 14 at home and are 15-3 on their home floor overall.. . The Hornets have won 11 straight home overtime games

both 3rd in 4 days… SAS -1 /2u


The Bulls have scored an average of 111.75 points during their four-game winning streak (447 total).……Chicago has won 4 straight and 8 of its last 11…..including their playoff series with the Celtics, the Bulls have won 6 of their last 7 OT games. …Ellis played all 48 minutes for the eighth time this season. The rest of the NBA had only 12 complete games entering Friday….Maggette scored at least 20 points for the 15th time in 16 games + Corey Maggette went 12-for-13 from the free-throw line and has attempted 10-plus free throws in 8 straight games.

Σικάγο 2 units


Phoenix is 10-14 after beginning the season 14-3. …After starting 1-8, Memphis has won 20 of its last 30. Memphis is 14-5 at home……Memphis with 8th home win in a row

suns 4th in 6 days…. 1-1 φέτος μεταξύ τους με τον νικητή να πετυχαίνει πάνω από 126 πόντους … Mem -2 /2u


bos 4 days rest, dal 3 rd in 4 days and btb

άδικο το πρόγραμμα αλλά τι να κάνουμε; … μόνο 1 unit Βοστώνη λόγω απουσιών … θα προτιμούσα μηδενικό hc


The Magic are 6-9 this season when Howard attempts seven or fewer field goals….Orlando lost for the 6th time in their last 8 games …After scoring 16 or fewer points in each of his previous three games, Kobe Bryant scored 30 and the Lakers improved to 15-4 when he scores 30-plus this season….The Lakers are an NBA-best 22-3 at home this season

Λείκερς 2 units.


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