The Trick That Failed

1/7 χθες …αυτό πόνεσε … 10 σήμερα


The Cavaliers have won 10 of their last 11 and 25 of 31 overall.…..The Cavaliers are 22-1 when scoring 95-plus points…..Cleveland has won 10 in a row at home

both btb , cle 3rd in 4 days…ατλαντα 2 units αν θέλει να αποδείξει κάτι


Memphis had 15 offensive rebounds, and have grabbed at least 10 offensive rebounds in 11 straight. Memphis leads the league in offensive rebounds …The Pacers have lost 7 straight and 18 of their last 22 …The Pacers are 6-8 at home this season.

ind 4th in 5 days…αν δεν παιξει ο gay προτιμω +1,5 μεμφις … 1 με 2 units


orl 5 days rest

θα προτιμούσα όχι παραπάνω από -9,5 ορλάντο… 1 με 2 units


The Bobcats are 1-12 on the road …The Raptors fell to 3-17 when opponents score more than 100 points this season; they are 12-0 when holding opponents to 100 points or fewer

δεν βλέπω να κερδίζει εκτός φέτος η charlotte….όμως το hc πολύ επίφοβο … 1 unit Ράπτορς


The Nets have lost 10 straight and are 0-13 against the Western Conference this season….The Knicks are 3-14 when opponents score 100-plus points

nyk 3rd in 4 days and btb…ελπίζοντας στην κούραση των Knicks (καθώς παίζουν με 7,5 παίκτες) …πάμε με λίγες ελπίδες Νετς 1unit


The Jazz improved to 54-6 since the start of last season when leading after the third quarter. …Minnesota is 2-0 against the Jazz this season….Love logs 10th double-double in row

utah 1st of btb & 4 days rest …ο δήμιος των Jazz είναι οι wolves … αλλά ο gomes είναι ακόμη ανέτοιμος και ο Love τραυματίστηκε λίγο – θα παίξει όμως … πάμε με Τζας 2 units


The Heat are 2-10 when they are not leading at halftime, …New Orleans has owned Miami, going 8-0-1 ATS in the past 9 games …The Hornets have won nine of 10 at home and are 11-3 on their home floor overall.. . The Hornets have won 11 straight home overtime games

noh btb….Νέα Ορλεάνη -1,5 /2u


bos 3rd in 4 and phoe 4th in 6 days

Phoenix is 11-2 at home this season … καταρχάς να ξεκαθαρίσω ότι περιμένω να χάσει και σήμερα η βοστώνη 3ο σερί … rondo KG ψιλοτραυματίες … όμως ποντάρω οτι θα είναι δραματικό φινάλε όπως και τα άλλα 2 … επομένως … bos 1 μόνο unit (μπορεί κάλιστα να το αφήσουν κιόλας)


Portland has won six of its last seven against the Clippers. …Portland is 15-2 when leading after three quarters….Roy has had 23 or more points in each of the last 13 games

lac 1st of btb … κλίπερς 2 Units … ίσως παίξει και ο camby


The Sixers are 1-6 following wins.

phi 1st of btb…Σίξερς 2 Units



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