Who’s Winning?

Επιστροφή & Καλά Χριστούγεννα! … 5 ματς σήμερα


The Heat are 2-10 when they are not leading at halftime …… Miami has won three straight against the Knicks after losing six of their previous seven meetings….Knicks with 7th win in last 9 games….The Knicks are 3-14 when opponents score 100-plus points

το παίξαμε ήδη 2 Units Νέα Υόρκη -2 – 1.91 … ας ελπίσουμε να αναστρέψουν οι νικς το αρνητικό σερί με heat …. πάνε πολύ καλά τελευταίως …αλλά δεν πετάμε και στα σύννεφα


Boston is 12-1 on the road + Boston has a 19-1 record on other days than Friday’s …. moved to 3-4 on Fridays. …The Magic won for the 11th time in their last 14 overall….Orlando is 9-0 against the Atlantic Division

BOS 1 unit +5,5 -1.91 … χωρίς pierce θα προτιμούσα +9


The Cavaliers have won 7 of their last 8 and 22 of 28 overall…..LeBron James finished with 34 his 5th straight game with at least 25 points…..The Cavaliers are 20-1 when scoring 95-plus points …….Lakers with their 16th win in 17 games…..The Lakers improved to 32-4 in their last 36 home games having won their last 11 at home….Pau Gasol had 15 points and 11 rebounds for the Lakers, and he now has 114 rebounds in his last 7 games ( 16.3 RPG).!

lakers 1st of btb…cavs 2 units +6 -1.91


The Suns have scored at least 27 points in the first quarter of each of their 12 home games, including 30 eight times…..Phoenix fell to 4-8 in its last 12 games

phoe 1st of btb….λίγο επίφοβο καθώς οι suns τελευταίως χανουν απολους και ξαφνικα ανακοινώθηκαν τραυματισμοί στους thornton kai camby των clippers … τελος παντων suns 2 units


The Nuggets improved to 16-0 when leading after the third quarter…..Denver is the only division leader in the NBA with a losing record on the road. The Nuggets dropped to 7-8 away…The Nuggets are 19-0 when holding opponents under 90 points ….The Trail Blazers improved to 7-7 in their last 14 games….Portland has won 5 of its last 6 games following a 2-6 stretch….Portland is 15-2 when leading after three quarters….Roy has had 23 or more points in each of the last 11 games

por 3rd in 4 days… nuggets 2 units



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