4,5/7 χθες … 7 και σήμερα


The Knicks improved to 5-1 when holding opponents under 100 points; they are 3-14 when opponents score 100-plus points …The Bobcats improved to 8-3 at home (1-9 on the road)

nyk 4 days rest, cha 1st of btb…θα ήθελα +7,5 … πάω με ΝΥΚ [+5 (1.83) 1 unit]


Cleveland has won 7 in a row at home

τόσο ισχυρό bet που αγγίζει το … no bet … 2 units κλιβελαντ … νίκη με -ας πούμε- 24 πόντους


It is the 15th time in 26 games that Bosh has scored at least 25 points….The Raptors fell to 3-15 when opponents score more than 100 points this season; they are 8-0 when holding opponents to 100 points or fewer. …The Heat have lost nine of their last 13 after starting the season 7-2….The Heat are 9-1 when leading at halftime, 2-10 when not

tor 1st of btb…συνεχίζουμε με την κατρακύλα του miami … χωρίς calderon … με +2 και άνω ραπτορς 2 units


lakers 1st of btb

κακό παιχνίδι αναμένεται …έχω αλλάξει 2 φορές γνώμη … ίσως ξανα-αλλάξω … για την ώρα σικάγο 2 units


The Pistons have won 5 straight and 6 of their last 7 overall …Brooks has scored at least 20 points in four of six games…The Rockets have not reached the 100-point mark in their last four games

δεν παίζει ο Ariza (μία αγωνιστική τιμωρία για την άστοχη αγκωνιά στον Derozan) … είναι δημοφιλής η έκπληξη εδώ με τους πίστονς … ο ben gordon probable … αλλά το σερί τους με φοβίζει … 1 μόνο unit πιστονς


The Spurs are 3-9 against teams with records better than .500 this year …When Nash has 11 or more assists, the Suns are 9-0. When he has 10 or less, they are 6-8….Suns have now won 17 straight home games dating back to last season (The Suns remain unbeaten at home this season (8-0) ) + The Suns have scored at least 100 points in 34 consecutive home games, every game this calendar year.

sas 1st of btb…θέλω πολύ να πάω με spurs … αλλά τα στατιστικά είναι εναντίον τους … όμως ο J-Rich είναι questionable … αν δεν παίξει 2 Units σαν αντονιο … αλλιώς 1 unit


Portland is 2-6 in its last 8 games after winning 10 of its previous 12

sac 1st of btb… ημέρες δόξας για τους κινγκς … όσο κρατήσουν … sac 2 units



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